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Floor Mat Synth {+ interactive}  Mat Synth {+ interactive} 08nov11I’m busy working on a new interactive installation. This time, it’s a video wall activated by floor mats. I’m installing it this weekend – please send me good vibes so that it all works fine! I will post a video of the actual installation at , once it’s done.

Hasil gambar untuk Floor Mat Synth

Last night I finished soldering all 16 mats together, and could not resist mapping it to a synth. I used a free synth called Crystal, it sounds pretty decent.

Hasil gambar untuk free synth called Crystal
I used an Arduino Mega and Max/MSP to get it all working. In the context of the actual installation, I’m sending OSC messages to Quartz Composer (programmed by Stephen Buchanan), which is triggering the 16 videos and animation.
Here’s a video of the Floor Mat Synth:

Filed under: Max/MSP/Jitter, arduino, interactive  |  4 CommentsSound Design for the BMW Tunnel Experience

A few months back, with Mann Made Media, I had the privilege to work on a great project for BMW. BMW was announcing their sponsorship of the South African rugby team – the Springboks. Our brief was to simulate the feeling a rugby player would experience as they walk onto a packed stadium. It was well received and we were finalists at the Loerie Awards 2011.
general overview

Participants enter the event through a dark 30m long tunnel. As they walk, the sound builds from a distant stadium stomping their feet in unison, to the South African anthem being sung. As they go deeper into the tunnel, the sound keeps developing and getting more exciting, loud, and present. Around the bend, a motion detection system picks them up and the whole “stadium” erupts sonically and visually. We had six LCD wall panels  displaying a stadium full of animated people standing up and cheering. We also hacked the flashes of disposable cameras to augment the experience.
Check out this video to get a feel for the installation as a whole: